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On the market for more than 40 years, Nikken has been able to develop and evolve products improving our well-being through simple changes in our daily life. Every day we have to sleep, breathe, drink and eat. By optimizing these aspects of life, we can achieve a significant change in our well-being.

Whether you are in London, Manchester, Cardiff or any other provincial city, Nikken sells its products through its online store and advisers.

The PiMag system: the PiMag innovation allows running water to be thoroughly filtered to eliminate the various residues that are harmful to our body that may remain in drinking water. Chlorine, pesticides, drug residues etc.

Dynaflux patented magnetic products: the magnets releasing a magnetic field, this energy benefits our body and brings us closer to the energies of the natural environment. We can find for example here magnetic soles

Healthy food supplements: to supplement a diet which sometimes contains deficiencies, Nikken has a whole range of well-being products from vitamin products to many specific complexes.

Air filtration: the air being more and more polluted, many particles are harmful long-term, this is the reason why Nikken has developed an air filtration system so that your rooms at home contains cleaner air.

Nikken’s desire is to improve our life conditions by offering useful, innovative and high-end products in order to have a caring approach to our body.

Nikken is recognized around the world. It’s a Multi Level Marketing company. Here, my Nikken stores:

You will be able to discover all Nikken marine cosmetics products, nutritional products, magnetic products releasing endorphin as well as all water filtration products for the tap, the shower.

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Become aware of your body with Nikken

If there is one question that drives philosophical debates, it is whether we are a body, a mind, or both. If it is not possible for you to answer this question clearly, it is very likely that you have already experienced the impact of one on the other. Nikken has also put its vision through 5 pillars.

Listening to your body: the benefits

There are so many other things that the body allows us between the two extremes of life and death: walking, laughing, hugging our loved ones, traveling, fulfilling our passions, etc.

It is for this reason that it is necessary to be aware of your body. But what does that mean? Well, that means you have to realize that he is there, that he is essential to your life and that he has needs. In other words, it means listening to your body.

Live in harmony with your body

First of all, listening to your body allows you to live in harmony with it. What does it mean ? Well, quite simply that you act in a benevolent way towards him: you do not push him beyond his limits (pain, blockage, etc.) in a violent way, you do not go against him, etc.

It also means that your body will go your way as well. To put it differently, it means that you will no longer be in permanent conflict with your body.

Avoid the “mental break-down”

Maybe it doesn’t seem very logical at first glance, but listening to your body helps to fight against psychological problems such as depression, burnout, etc. Indeed, it has been proven that the state of your psyche, of your mind has an impact on your body: stress hurts your stomach, anxiety strains your muscles, sadness hurts your chest, etc.

Watching for these pains, discomforts, and changes is the key to taking action before it is too late.

Heal effectively

One final point, as to this article as there are others, is that listening to your body allows you to heal more effectively. How is it possible ? By being attentive to warning signals such as pinching, tingling or any other sensations.

It helps you not push your body beyond what’s safe for it. So, of course, certain limits of your body can be crossed, but they should not put your health at risk.

How to become aware of your body

Physical activity

The first thing to become aware of your body is obviously to engage it. And for that, what better than a little workout. So you don’t have to suffer while lifting cast iron, just do a regular activity like hiking, play soccer with the kids, go to a pilates session with friends, etc.

But such an activity often opens our eyes to what the body is capable of, which is impossible for it, difficult …
Nikken has also developed many products accompanied by magnets to help in sports and also recovery.

La méditation

Another way to become aware of your body, in a much more peaceful way, is to practice meditation. Meditation is about being attentive to what is going on in your body, how you are feeling, etc.

It is a way to ground yourself in the present moment and avoid looking at what has happened and / or fearing what has not yet happened.

Act on food

Obviously, to talk about the body is to talk about food because it is about its fuel. Don’t panic, we’re not going to tell you to ban fries and spreads. You just need to create a balance between what is good for the body and what is good for pleasure.

We must therefore eat in a varied, balanced way and above all without frustration so as not to create other eating disorders.
To provide the necessary nutrients in your diet, in the Nikken store you can find supplements to fix iron, multi-vitamins and minerals etc.

Be careful what you eat

So your body needs food, but also fluids and water more precisely. So, in the same way, it is obvious that you can drink a little coffee / tea and alcohol responsibly.

The whole point is that your body receives quality elements. Hydration is essential for your good health. To ensure the quality of the water you drink, consider filters that remove lime, chlorine, pesticides, etc.
Nikken offers in its online store at water filtration products that can be easily adapted to the home